Founders House SEO workshop

If your website needs a SEO boost, this is for you.

On Founders House's search engine optimisation Workshop we get shit done. We will be working directly with your website, identifying the most important areas that needs to be improved, and working directly with you to improve them.

Why join Founders House SEO workshop

  • We will be identifying and working with the low hanging fruits on your website
  • You will get lots of awesome tools to work with
  • We have unique experience optimising websites for conversions
  • No technical expertise required

Price: 1.200,- DKK

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Next workshop is in Copenhagen on 14-06-16

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Previous workshop participants

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Who should attend


Your role has to do with communications or development. Workshop attendees are people that work with the website, or it's content. You don't need to have expert level technical or developer skills, but you are expected to have some experience with online marketing or communication.

Typical workshop attendees include:

  • Marketing people
  • Developers
  • Copywriters
  • Social media managers
  • CEO and CTO's
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Independents

No special technical knowledge is required. You don't have to be a developer or CTO to attend.

Your company

You are part of a company that have a website, which aims to increase it's numbers as visitors and / or increase some kind of conversion.

Typical website conversions include:

  • User registrations
  • Signups
  • Sales
  • Downloads
  • Social media shares
  • Newsletter signups
  • User registrations

Other typical goals for companies attending our workshop, is to decrease their bouncerate and increase user engagement and keep them longer on the website.

Program for the day.

  • 09.00 to 09.15 - Welcome, introduction and coffee
  • 09.15 to 19.30 - A brief introduction to Google and SEO
  • 09.30 to 10.30 - A 12 step analyses of your website
  • 10.30 to 10.40 - 10 minute break
  • 10.40 to 12.00 - Making page titles, headlines and text
  • 12.00 to 12.30 - Lunch from Gastronomiet
  • 12.30 to 13.30 - Setting up Google search console (webmaster tools)
  • 13.30 to 14.00 - Setting up Google my business
  • 14.00 to 15.00 - Working with page performance and load times
  • 15.00 to 16.00 - Looking at landing pages and conversions

Previous experiences

I attended a workshop held by Kim. The subject was basics SEO, and Kim did a great job.

The workshop was complete, giving not only a good overview but also going a bit into details and explaining about SEO tools to use.

Gautier Garnin

After attending the SEO workshop hosted by Kim, we got a nice grasp on what we needed to do, in what order and how to do it.

We have since been in contact with Kim, who is helping us keep up to date with our SEO and constantly improving our conversion rates.

Per Geller

I can strongly recomend Kim's SEO workshop.

Working with marketing, SEO is something that we ignored for far too long. I joined a workshop with Kim and despite not being very technical, I got a bunch of tools that we can use to keep track of and improve our SEO going forward.

Gitte Plesner

Practical details

Date 14-06-2016 2016-06-14 09:00:00 2016-06-14 16:00:00 Europe/Copenhagen Founders House SEO Workshop On Founders House's Search Engine Optimisation Workshop, we will be working directly with your website, identifying and improving, the low hanging fruits. Njalsgade 21g 2300 København K Founders House
Time 09.00 to 16.00
Location Founders House
Njalsgade 21g
2300 København K
Participants 12
Price 1.200,-

What happens when you sign up

We'll make sure you gain the maximum value from the time and money you invest in us. Therefore:
  • As soon as you sign up you will receive an email with the practical details.
  • In that email there is a short list of things you need to prepare for the workshop.
  • Before the workshop our SEO expert will be making a detailed SEO analysis of your website.
  • On the day after the workshop, you will receive a follow up email with hands-on tasks, topics and links to all the tools introduced.

SEO workshop hosts

Founders House SEO workshop is planned and hosted by:

  • Kim Koldtoft | CTO
  • Guna Sprude | Events & communication manager

The workshop will be hosted by Kim Koldtoft, who has 8 years of experience, working with SEO and conversion optimisation.

From 2011 to 2015 Kim was CTO at Colego A/S. A company that is build around online conversions. Working with a strong team of developers, Kim was responsible for optimising the conversion rate of 400 landing pages, each with a unique set of keywords.

Identifying the best keywords for each page, and knowing how to implement them, is a skill that Kim not only has, but one that he has a unique experience in passing on to others.

Kim is a fun and energetic speaker, whose motivation can't help but inspire you, to feel as strongly about the value of effective SEO, as he does.

Click here to see Kim Koldtofts linkedIn profile.

CTO - Kim Koldtoft
Kim Koldtoft
Assistant - Guna Sprude
Guna Sprude

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