Open day at Startup Village

Welcome to open day at Founders House and Startup Village, a unique behind-the-scenes look at Copenhagen’s first and largest tech startup hub

Since opening five years ago as the first tech coworking space, Founders House has been a central point for entrepreneurship and innovation. Normally only accessible to resident startups and investors, on September 1st we open our doors to everyone.

In 2014 Founders House moved to Islands Brygge to found Startup Village in collaboration with growth startups such as Vivino, Autobutler and VCs such as Creandum and Northzone. Since then it's become the largest tech hub in the Nordics, spreading over 14,000m2, and housing more than 40 tech startups and 500 employees.

For the first time ever, Founders House and Startup Village open their doors, giving entrepreneurs, techies, business people, politicians and the public an opportunity to visit Denmark’s leading growth startup hub and gain valuable insight on the various facets of running a growth startup.

This is a rare chance to get to know some of the most promising technology companies, meet the entrepreneurs face-to-face, ask employees questions, and experience how much proximity matters when growing your startup.

Anyone interested in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology. Whether you’re already working to make this happen, want a job in a startup, want to move your startup out here or just interested to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship, this event will offer ample opportunity.

  • 25+ free talks, demos and behind-the-scenes tours
  • Open VIP reception for decision makers, politicians and the public

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    When 09.00 - 19.00
    Thursday, 1st of September, 2016
    Where Startup Village, Njalsgade 17 - 23
    2300 Copenhagen S

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    Open Reception

    The entrepreneurship event of the year

    A reception at Founders House, featuring politicians, decision makers and prominent members of the startup community, with an opening speech by Danish Minister for Business and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen.

    A panel discussion on “How the political establishment can help the local startup ecosystem facilitate growth,” will give you an opportunity to ask politicians and in-house CEOs questions, before drinks, fun and networking becomes the main agenda.

    Reception time 15.30-19.00

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    Tour of Founders House

    Coworking space for ambitious tech startups

    Founders House is the home of 30 tech startups working side-by-side to build global tech companies, from mobile wind meters to digital art sales. Resident startups include who has 1 billion users and recently won Startup of The Year. Join a guided tour of the offices, now spread across three floors, meet some of the startups and learn about life in Founders House and its resident companies. This is a particularly great opportunity for startups considering to move here, but everyone is welcome. Tours will be conducted by startup CEOs and Founders House managers.

    Tour times: 10.00 - 10:45, 11.00 - 11.45, 14.00 - 14.45, or pop by for an unguided coffee visit during the open house any time from 09.00 - 15.30

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    Tour of Vivino

    Take a peek inside Denmark’s most talked about startup

    Founded in 2009, Vivino has raised over $35 Million in venture capital. With offices in Copenhagen and San Francisco, Vivino is a global player thanks to its clever app for reviewing and discovering wines. Join a guided tour of the offices, meet some of the team members and learn about life in Vivino.

    Tour at 13.30-14.00, as well as open house with a glass of wine. Founder Theis Søndergaard, who recently won Founder of the Year, will be present.

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    Tour of Planday

    Check out one of Copenhagen’s fastest growing startups

    In March 2016, Planday closed a Series B investment of $14 million and is used by over 100,000 users in 24 different countries, quickly becoming the global leader in workforce management solutions. With over 13 different nationalities across five offices (United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Vietnam, Norway), they have a fun and multicultural work environment. Planday Copenhagen headquarters are three floors of cool, loft-style office space, based in the heart of this beautiful city's startup community.

    Join their office tour from 11.15-12.00m, where the CEO, Christian Broendum, will give a short presentation and you will have the opportunity to meet the happy faces working in the Copenhagen office.

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    Tour of SHAPE

    Meet Denmark's leading app developers. Shape builds award-winning apps for partners such as Fitness World, Aller and Arla.

    SHAPE has won several prizes at Danish Internet Award for innovative and user friendly apps. They are a strong, passionate, and creative team with several years of experience in designing and developing applications for mobile devices. The team consists of engineers, visual artists, developers, thinkers, and dreamers who think mobile applications and user interfaces in everything they do. Come and join the tour around the office from 13.00-13.30 and hear more about working in an app development house

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    Tour of Churchdesk

    A Huge Global Market You Didn't See: Churchdesk Helps Churches Go Digital

    ChurchDesk is the leading cloud-based Church Management Platform. More than 10,000 staff and volunteers across 1,000+ churches worldwide are already using us to create more impact with less time devoted to administration. We are based in London, Berlin, Hamburg and Copenhagen with a main focus on churches across Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom.

    Tour of the office from 14.00-14.30, with a chance to meet the team.

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    Tour of

    Meet a website pioneer with over 555,000 unique visitors a month on their Danish-only web page is a Danish Internet-based news outlet, which conveys football information on the Internet with a primary focus on Danish and European football related news. Having completely rethought how online sports journalism should work, they now dominate the market for online football news in Denmark and have more visitors than several major newspapers.

    Tour of the office 14.30-15.30

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    Astralis: How E-sports Is Becoming a Billion Dollar Industry

    Meet a leading edge e-sports organization

    Astralis is one of the world's best CounterStrike teams. The startup is the first ever co-owned e-sports team.

    As one of the leading e-sports teams in the world Astralis has raised money from investors like Tommy Ahlers and Sunstone. E-sports is fast becoming a billion dollar industry (predicted for 2019) and is popular beyond belief with viewers. The EEL Cologne counter strike event, held over one weekend, attracted more than 44 million hours of online viewing - more than the entire year of hours spent watching the Danish Super Liga. Learn more about how e-sports is becoming big business, and how your company can get involved.

    13.00-13.45 Talk by Astralis: How E-Sports is Becoming a Billion Dollar Industry

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    Calligrapher Andreas M. Hansen: How I Built An Instagram Following of 35,000

    A Danish designer who has risen to the top of the world's calligraphy scene

    Andreas M. Hansen has gained more than 35,000 followers on Instagram, creating a global outlet for his design business A-Space. Learn how to use Instagram strategically and hear about Andreas' exciting journey.

    10.00-10.45 Workshop with Andreas M. Hansen: How I Built An Instagram Following of 35,000

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    Na3m Games: How to Create Social Change Through Videogames

    NA3M is an award-winning gaming and transmedia creator. Our aim is to deliver change in the Arabic world through creativity

    NA3M Games is a Danish-Jordanian mobile video game creator with a mission. With a novel approach, they use their entertaining games to foster societal change. Among their missions is empowering females by displaying empowered female role models in their games. Their talk involves a discussion of how to use entertainment as a platform for creating social change, as well as a demo of their new prototype game.

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    Vaavud: Iterating your product strategy with user surveys

    How to figure out which features your users want the most, and whether they will pay for them

    Vaavud is on a mission to provide high-resolution, personalized weather data. Vaavud has users in more than 150 countries, and based on the crowdsourced data from these users Vaavud is working on making better ultra-local forecasts for sailors, kitesurfers, drone pilots, farmers and many others. Vaavud has iterated their product strategy several times in order to best serve the needs of each of these diverse user segments. This talk will go over some very practical examples of how to survey your users about which features to build, how much they will pay for them and what you can learn from the survey results.

    Talk 9.00-9.45 by Co-founder and CEO of Vaavud, Thomas Helms

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    Hufsy: Demonstration of Blockchain Prototype

    Learn about working with blockchain technology

    Fintech is one of the hottest areas for entrepreneurship right now, and Hufsy is one of the most promising startups in the field. Hufsy is one of the first companies in Denmark to create a Blockchain Prototype. Hear more about this exciting technology which is predicted to change the financial markets forever. The talk is aimed at people with technical understanding.

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    Conferize: Kickstarting IPOs to Supercharge Startup Funding

    Conferize is currently pursuing an IPO, learn how that can be a great alternative to later round funding

    An IPO has always been perceived as a tool for large and established companies only, but in fact it's a viable alternative to raising further venture capital. Conferize CEO Martin Ferro Thomsen (also cofounder of Issuu) demonstrates how IPOs can work for startups, and how it can be used to get more funding into the startup ecosystem. Conferize is the world's biggest social platform for events.

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    Bento Cam: From MVP to The Next Web - Getting the most out of your private beta test

    A talk about how to launch your new product or service with the biggest possible impact

    A private beta is a great way to encourage user feedback and generate early buzz for your new product in a controlled environment. In this session we'll take you through some of the most valuable lessons we've learned while launching the private beta for our app, Bento Cam, that helped us get featured on The Next Web and Netted by the Webbys.

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    bmetric: Improve Your Customer Journey

    How to use data from your website to deliver what customers want online

    bmetric helps companies turn the data trails left by visitors on their website to useful information. In this talk they share their tips for what constitutes a good customer journey that makes visitors convert. The talk is based on working with a multitude of companies, some of them among Denmark's largest companies. You'll get practical tips you can implement in your own UX and customer journey.

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    BodyBarista: How to Use Computer Vision In Mobile Apps

    Computer Vision is a powerful technology inside apps, learn how to make the most of it

    BodyBarista is a hugely ambitious digital body platform founded in Copenhagen, for fitness and digital enthusiasts. Their technology relies heavily on computer vision and this talk shares their lessons from specializing in this field. The talk is technical in nature and intended for developers and technically savvy people.

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    How To Use #CPHFTW As Your Gateway To The Startup Ecosystem

    Learn how you find out what's happening in the startup ecosystem with the help of #CPHFTW

    #CPHFTW means “Copenhagen, For The Win” and is a hashtag that collates all the activities happening in the Copenhagen startup scene. It's a grass-roots and non-profit organization and a great entrance to keeping your finger on the pulse, know who's hiring and what's happening. Head of #CPHFTW Christoffer H. Malling will give a talk and answer questions about tech startups and the ecosystem in Denmark, and how you can join it.

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    RelinkLabs: Transforming the way people and jobs are matched through big data.

    Peek into a startup with a data-first approach.

    RelinkLabs has built their products around big data and machine learning. They analyse job postings and online CVs in order to create data products which help their customers deliver a smarter recruitment experience. In this talk they will share how they use machine learning and big data, and give guidelines for how you can use it in your product. The talk is technical in nature, and intended for people with a somewhat existing knowledge of the technology.

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    Silicon Valley Life

    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Silicon Valley But Were Afraid to Ask

    Listen in as Silicon Valley-based Torsten Kolind (Co-founder and CEO at YouNoodle) and Silicon Valley lawyers, Chiara Portner (Commercial Transactions) and Marek Adamo (Corporate) talk about working life in Silicon Valley. Doing business in the Valley presents a never ending series of problems and opportunities on the funding and company-building side, as well as the legal front on issues ranging from privacy, partnerships, IP protection, founder issues, term sheets, M&A, etc. All three long-time Valley pros will open the floor to all of your questions and provide insights from the belly of the beast!

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    Tour of Autobutler's Garage

    Take a peek inside Denmark’s most sexy startup, recently sold for 225 million kr to one of the world's largest car makers, PSA GROUP

    Founded in 2009, Autobutler is rapidly changing the way we fix and maintain our cars. In the process, we're turning one of the world's biggest and most conservative industries upside down. Autobutler was recently acquired by PSA. Join a guided tour of the offices, meet some of the team members, hear about our open positions and learn about how Autobutler literally grew out of a garage to become a digital frontrunner. Tour at 11.00-11.30, and open house throughout the day + glass of wine. Founder Peter Michael Oxholm Zigler will be present.

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    Meet the Investors: Northcap

    Meet one of the Startup Village founding investors in an informal setting

    An introduction to Northcap venture capital fund. Pitch your company or idea and discuss challenges, and get immediate feedback. Northcap focuses particularly on B2B and B2B2C startups. 11.00-12.00

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    Meet the Investors: Northzone

    Meet one of the Startup Village founding investors in an informal setting

    Northzone has invested in over 120 tech companies across Europe in the 20 years since the fund was first established in Oslo. Some of their investments include Trustpilot, Spotify, Universal Avenue and Fishbrain. Come and meet Northzone’s General Partner Jeppe Zink to find out more about venture capital investing, how Northzone works with entrepreneurs and what they look for in a company. 13.00-14.00

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    Meet the Investors: Creandum

    Meet one of the Startup Village founding investors in an informal setting

    Creandum helps great entrepreneurs build amazing companies. Our funds invest in software and hardware companies in Northern Europe. We have a strong international network of entrepreneurs, executives, investors and service providers that our portfolio companies have access to, and we have an office in San Francisco to help portfolio companies succeed in the US. Our funds' investments includes Vivino, Planday and Spotify. Pitch your company or idea, discuss opportunities and challenges, and get immediate feedback.

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    Meet the Investors: SEED Capital

    Meet one of the Startup Village founding investors in an informal setting

    Come and meet the largest early stage venture fund in Denmark. We have a strategic cooperation with a government-funded vehicle for pre-seed investments, Pre-Seed Innovation. This allows us to partner early on with the go-getters and the passionate believers who are disrupting existing industries and building new markets. We have previously invested in companies like Endomondo and Mofibo, which have both been exited. In our current portfolio of companies you will find companies like Trustpilot, Vivino, Templafy, Orderyoyo and Coinify. Most of us are entrepreneurs ourselves, which means that we understand the struggles, see the opportunities and know how to work with entrepreneurs creating successful businesses. Come and have a chat with us and tell us about your business. 11.00-12.00

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    Meet the Investors: VF Venture

    Meet one of the Startup Village founding investors in an informal setting

    We invest in young innovative Danish companies with significant international growth ambitions. We invest in 5-10 companies every year, and the investment range is DKK 5-25 million. Our funds’ investments include Universal Robots, Blackwood Seven and AllUnite. Come and meet Jesper Lilledal and Asger Bruhn from VF Venture, or have a chat with Donkey Republic representatives, who just closed a larger funding round.

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    Meet the Investors: Balderton

    Meet one of the Startup Village founding investors in an informal setting

    Our focus is on early stage, European tech companies, with ambitious founders and unique approaches. Balderton is the largest Europe focused venture fund, with funds totalling $2.3BN. We invest between $1M to $20M into companies with the potential to disrupt huge industries, and the ambition to scale globally. Pitch your ideas or discuss your challenges and get immediate feedback.

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